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Our Role

The key to planning your future is an open line of communication between us. Help me understand how best to help you.  It's important to:

  • Know each other.  Please call me to set an appointment to review your individual circumstances, so we can discuss the products and services that may be most appropriate for you.

  • Tell me about yourself.  The more I know about you and your family, the better I can address your needs. But I won't act on a hunch.  I'll only act on what you tell me is important to you.

  • Learn from this process. This is a dialogue.  You'll want to ask lots of questions about my recommendations.  I encourage you to ask for explanations and details and to challenge me when you think I've left something out.

  • Work together.  My job is to guide you.  Your job is to decide whether you're comfortable moving ahead on the basis of my recommendations.  The decision will always be yours.