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Long Term Care Planning

Did You Know?

70% of people over 65 will need some form of Long Term Care service at some point.*

The National Median cost for a Home Health Aide is $45,188...and It's $87,600 for a Private Nursing Home Room.**

Use our Calculator to Estimate how much your Long Term Care will cost.

Do You Have A Plan to Pay For Your (or your spouses) Long Term Care?

Your Income - Is your income adequate to cover all or some of your long term care expenses?

Family or Friends - Although this can be a great solution for families who are committed to providing care, it is often far more physically and emotionally demanding than people realize.

Government Programs - Medicaid can contribute toward long term care, but it requires you to first use your income to pay for care, and then spend down most of your assets to qualify. In most states you can only have about $2,000 in your name to receive it.

Insurance Is An Option

Long term care insurance is specifically designed to cover the costs of long term care. You buy it in advance with a series of regular payments.

Not sure where to start or want to learn more? 

Just give us a call at (859) 795-4362 or Contact Us on our website, and we will give you advise based on your situation.

* 2015 Medicare & You, National Medicare Handbook, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, September 2014

** A Way Forward: Highlights from Beyond Dollars 2013

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